Beautiful and Rugged Heirloom Baskets from Vermont

Naturally Inspired offers baskets in dozens of styles and sizes, constructed from rattan, oak, and pine. Each basket is individually crafted by Kristine Myrick Andrews. Sturdy enough for gardening yet smooth enough to hold fine wool, her baskets fit almost every purpose.

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Basketmaking Raised to a Fine Art

Kristine Myrick Andrews has been making finely-crafted baskets in her home since the early 1980’s.

Kris making a basketA native Vermonter, Kris works and lives at her Salisbury home and studio with her husband, Jim, and twin daughters, Birch and Ashley. Kris designs her baskets to be functional and rugged as well as aesthetically pleasing. After experimenting with a wide variety of basket materials, Kris found that rattan provides the strength, flexibility, weight and aesthetic appeal that her styles require. Some of the handles and bases are fashioned from oak or pine. After they are painstakingly woven and sanded, her baskets are stained to give them a warm and comfortable look.

A lover of variety, Kris makes many different styles in various sizes including miniatures. Most of her designs are based on early Shaker, Appalachian and New England Styles. Her award-winning baskets have been featured in a variety of national and local publications, and are now sold at select shows and retail craft markets throughout the Northeast.

Studio visits can be arranged by appointment.

A truly exceptional made-in-Vermont product